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Cherry Mobile Omega: A Hands On Review

Mark Lester Solis | Monday, January 28, 2013 | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

A few days ago, the Cherry Mobile just recently introduced their newest device called Cherry Mobile Omega on their official Facebook fan page.Omega is their newest entry at their Android phablet line up which after the Cherry Mobile Cruize
Cherry Mobile Omega Front
We are very lucky today that one of my friend had give me opportunities and permission to test, explore and take some actual pictures of his fresh out of the box omega. If you were disappointed with your expected specs that omega should run of, well just continue scrolling your mouse and it might change your perspective with omega.

Cherry Mobile Omega Interface and Design

Cherry Mobile Omega
At the first glance, you will definitely noticed that it sports a bigger screen to project that made it to consider to join with the phablet group.It measures 5.2inches which is 0.2 bigger than the Titan. If you held it on you bare hand, it feels to big and I'm not to comfortable to grip it because of the hesitation that it might slip on my hand but for sure your hand will be trained because of your using every now and then. Now lets flip the phone at the back side, aside from the camera, flash, speaker and branding, there's nothing new with its back plate. I just like the its combination of thin and large body that make it to look stylish and sexy. 

Cherry Mobile Omega Performance

Cherry Mobile Omega
Omega is powered by 1GHz dual-core processor which is enough for playing several HD Games through your phone. We are expecting that omega will be fueled by 1GB RAM which is perfect to partnered with a bigger but sad to say that they stick again to their epic 512MB RAM, but still you can play most of the heavy games but you might experienced some lags and hiccups which is an ordinary problem of most budget phones. the edge of Omega that outshines other cheap phablet is, it run with the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean which is smoother and faster than with the ICS. Through out testing it, I haven't experienced lags except when you open a games, it open a little bit slowly. 

Cherry Mobile Omega Camera

Cherry Mobile Omega Back
One of the aspect that most of the people are looking for a phone, is its camera performance because of unstoppable growing of the social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and most especially the Instagram, a photo sharing social networking site. well, lets go back with the Omega. It offer a 5 megapixels rear camera and 0.3 megapixels front facing camera which it can take some good shots for you. If you were not conscious or picky with image quality then it is a great buy for you. If you were not satisfied with the image quality you can download apps that could improve the picture much better.

Here are some sample shots of Cherry Mobile Omega:

Portrait shot

Landscape Shot
Cherry Mobile Features

Cherry Mobile Omega
The battery life is quiet good too, in which it is packed by 2300mAh battery which is enough for call, text, access internet and short gaming in a day. It is obviously not for a hard gamer. You can connect with your online friend with two options; through WiFi or 3G Connections. It also used three sensors such as accelerometer, proximity and light sensors and a lot of pre-installed apps and games. 

Overall, Cherry Mobile Omega is not that bad phone that everyone is saying. I must say that it is a great buy for those person who are looking for a call, text and internet feature of a phone. For the price of Php 6,699 you can now experience a smartphone that runs the latest Android Jelly Bean. 

For the Complete Specs you can visit HERE


Thanks to my friend  who gave me the permission to borrow his phone.


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