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EXCLUSIVE: Starmobile Astra Hands On Review
StarMobile Astra, a 4.3 inch Dual Core Android smartphone with an affordable price for about Php6,990 only
EXCLUSIVE: MyPhone a919 Duo Hands On Review
MyPhone unveiled and introduced their latest, biggest and most powerful Smartphone that wowed the crowd- The MyPhone a919 Duo, a 5-inch Dual-Core Phablet (phone+tablet) with an 8 megapixels camera.
EXCLUSIVE: Cherry Mobile Omega HD Hands On Review
Cherry Mobile Omega HD, a 5-inch IPS Dragon Trail Glass display with Dual-Core Processor and 12 megapixels camera and with a suggested retail price of Php7,999 only.


Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt: A Hands-On Review

Mark Lester Solis | Saturday, April 20, 2013 | Best Blogger Tips

Tablet PC become more popular nowadays yet most of them are anchored by premium prices. You need about 15k-25k for you to get a powerful tablet but how about a tablet that will cost Php 3,999 only but it can boosts an exceptional performance? Sounds interesting right? Cherry Mobile are proud to presents the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt, a 7-inch HD IPS Display Quad-Core with 1GB of RAM and Dual Camera for just only Php3,999 only!

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Flaunts a 7-inch IPS Display
There are many options to choose from if you want to get a tablet with a screen size of 7-inch and Fusion Bolt should be pinned on your list because it is really recommended. We were lucky because we have a chance to have a hands-on review with the newest Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt has 5-point multi-touch

Build Design
At my first glance, its look was just really the same with other local tablets because of its black plastic form factors and the thick bezels at four sides. What I noticed, was it doesn't have navigation keys at the front except for its front facing camera. While on its back side, the body cover was coated by textured matte back case that helps to prevent slipping it on your hands on your regular usage. 

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt sleek design
I really love the matte and rough skin of its back cover that makes it feel more comfortable to use. It is thin and with a perfect weight. The power button, Volume Rocker and Home button are polished on its top side. You can find also the mini HDMI Port, Micro SD Slot, Charger Port and Headset Port at the right side if you hold it in landscape.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt is coated by matte and texturized skin 
Fusion Bolt is flaunting a 7 inch HD IPS Display with 1280×800 resolution at the same time it has 216 pixels-per-inch (ppi). It really shows a stunning graphics that are said to be one of the highlights of this tablet. 

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Display
I tried to play videos for a test and the result was it has a fluid transition of pictures, everything was clear, images delivered vibrant colors  in short it is good on playing your favorite HD Movies. What I really hate was most of the clickable links are small in which it takes me 2-3 times touching it before I hit it correct.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt packs with 216 ppi
It is powered by 1GHz Quad-Core Actions Semiconductor ATM7025 processor and mashed up by Vivante GC1000+ GPU for better graphics display. It is fueled by 1 GB of RAM for a smoother multi-tasking functionality and it runs the latest Android Jelly Bean. Most of the games worked without lags and hiccups but I noticed that the built-in browser is lag when I try to browse the web. I also experienced that when I open apps, it takes about 15 seconds before it loads completely and sometimes it has heating problem.
Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Boosting Performance
It offers Dual Camera; at the rear camera it has 2 megapixels while it has VGA camera on the front facing camera. The quality of images was good enough and definitely you should take pictures with day light exposure. Tablets are not use as capturing tools right? So you should disregard this short coming.
Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Dual Camera
It is packed by 4000MAh which is good enough to work in a whole day with a normal usage but if you were a hardcore gamer plus browsing, playing movie it could last for about 8 hours from full charging.
Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Battery Life
Overall, everything works fine like gaming, browsing, playing movies etc. Spending  Php3,999 for this tablet is really worth it.

For complete specs, you may visit this article.


Cherry Mobile Omega HD: A Hands-On Review

Mark Lester Solis | Thursday, April 11, 2013 | Best Blogger Tips

Cherry Mobile just launched their most brightest and stylish Smartphone that totally outshined its greatest rivalry at our local market. It was named as the Cherry Mobile Omega HD, a 5-inch IPS Dragon Trail Glass display with Dual-Core Processor and 12 megapixels camera and with a suggested retail price of Php7,999 only.

The Cherry Mobile Omega HD 
Since the day that Cherry Mobile posted the Initial specs and photo teaser of their upcoming phone which is the Omega HD, I was really excited to see it personally and explore it. Recently, I grab a chance to make a hands-on review with the Omega HD and here are my experiences to share through out the exploration.
The Cherry Mobile Omega HD 
Build Design
Omega HD flaunts a perfect slim body that made it feel more comfortable to grip by just one hands. The thin bezels on both side attracted me because it makes the screen larger and taller compared to other 5-incher phones. At the front, the 3 navigation keys, sensor and front camera were placed while at the back part, the back cover was made of smooth and flawless plastics were the Camera, LED Flash and branding were polished. Almost everything about its design was perfect and it looks so elegant among its line up.
The Cherry Mobile Omega HD Build Design
As of now, Omega HD is the brightest android phone I known locally next to Starmobile Diamond. It shows off 5-inch HD display, I must say that this phone is HD literally! Thanks to its 1280×720 pixels screen resolution. It also has good viewing angles and made the screen even better because of its 294ppi (pixels-per-inch). 

The Cherry Mobile Omega HD Display
Another reason why OHD visuals display was the major edge? Well, its screen surface was coated by Dragontrail glass that made the screen more durable and scratch-resistant. Accurate and sharp graphics are totally packed at the screen of OHD.
The Cherry Mobile Omega HD Display
If you are a hardcore gamer, OHD is not recommended on your personality even though some of the HD games run smoothly on this device. It is powered by 1GHz dual-core MediaTek MT6577 processor with PowerVR SGX531 GPU. I tried to run some games such as Temple Run 2 and Dead Trigger and it run smoothly without hiccups and lags. It is fueled by 1GB RAM for better multi-tasking functionality  On its Antutu Benchmark Test, I am not really surprised with its result – 5.7k. I also noticed that its default homescreen is a bit lag that’s why it’s better to download launcher at playstore.
The Cherry Mobile Omega HD Performance
OHD is an excellent capturing tool because it offers 12 megapixels rear camera and 2 megapixles front facing camera with Back-Illuminated Sensor. When I try to capture some picture outdoor, I was amazed of how clear and bright picture it can render. The BSI Technology also help its two shooter to give a good shots on both camera, even if the place you were trying to capture picture has a low light, it can still develop a brighter images.

The Cherry Mobile Omega HD Camera
Most of Android phones usual problem was the battery life of their handsets. I must also say that OHD battery life is graded as average because it is only packed by Li-Ion 2,100MAh battery. At the normal usage such as call, text and a bit of gaming and browsing, you can juice your phone for a whole day but if you used it in continuous gaming, surfing and playing movies and music your battery can easily boost down for just 5 to 6 hours. It will take 4 hours for the phone to complete its charging.
The Cherry Mobile Omega HD Battery
Overall, OHD is a casual Smartphone not a GAMING handset. Display over performance, that’s how OHD is. Everything is perfect about OHD yet it is bundled by some shortcomings such as its battery and its gaming performance. For the price of Php7,999, to get one of this Smartphone is really worth it.

Click here for the Full Specs


MyPhone a919 Duo: A Hands-On Review

Mark Lester Solis | Tuesday, April 09, 2013 | Best Blogger Tips

About 5 months ago when MyPhone unveiled and introduced their latest, biggest and most powerful Smartphone that wowed the crowd- The MyPhone a919 Duo, a 5-inch Dual-Core Phablet (phone+tablet)  with an 8 megapixels camera. It takes me a lot of time on choosing what is the right Smartphone that I should pick. At the end, my decision was to take the MyPhone a919 Duo because of its design, specs and its decent price. My a919 is about a couple of months old since I bought it, and here are my experiences to share.

Sleek and Slim MyPhone a919 Duo

A919 has a simple design literally, yet it is sometimes mistaken to be the Samsung Galaxy SIII and Samsung Galaxy Note II. I love the slim body, cuts and edges and even the silver lining on both sides that made this phone more elegant and stylish. If you have small hands, you might feel not comfortable to grip it by just using 1 hand because it is large. It might slip on your hands because the back cover was made of plastic, so it is recommended to use leather case or hard case.

MyPhone a919 Duo Design

It offers 5-inch FWGVA IPS Capacitive Display with 196ppi (pixels-per-inch) in which it has an excellent graphics display. The viewing angles are also good, thanks to its 168 million colors  It has a nice graphics quality in playing movie and playing games. This phone has 5-point multi-touch feature which is perfect for playing interactive games.

MyPhone a919 Duo Interface

This Smartphone is powered by 1GHz dual-core MediaTek MT6577 processor and because of this chipset, all heavy stuffs seems working smoothly and snappy. Since the first day I bought this phone, I haven’t experience hangs but there are times that the phone lags. It runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and fueled by 512MB of RAM which work smooth on multi-tasking functionality.

MyPhone a919 Duo Performance
Its shooter has an excellent performance too. It is equipped by an 8 megapixels rear camera that can capture stunning photos. I was really amazed with the quality of images that it produced in which it can be compared to the pictures that was being captured by digital camera. While in front camera, it has VGA Camera which is obviously not good to use at low light places. This phone can also shoot video in HD mode, thanks to its 720p HD Video recorder.

MyPhone a919 Duo Camera

You can connect to the internet in two options; through 3G and Wi-Fi Connectivity. I enjoy browsing the internet because its just feels that you were using the screen of your laptop because of its large screen display. The pages load fast and online streaming also works well at this phone. Most of the time, I use Puffin Browser that load the pages lightning fast and it is really recommended if you want to experience fast browsing. You can download it at Play Store for FREE!   

MyPhone a919 Duo Browsing

If you love gaming, A919 should be part of your checklist. I haven’t tried yet to install heavy games such as NBA and Asphalt (the latest version) but most of my friends that have also own this phone, said that most of the heavy games and apps work so smooth on this device. Dead Trigger is said to be one of the HD Game yet it works with no lags and hiccups on my a919.

MyPhone a919 Duo Gaming

It is packed by Li-Ion 2,000MAh of battery that last for about 1 whole day at normal usage (text, call, etc.). Its battery life will be the first problem you might encounter if you are heavy user in gaming, browsing and watching videos because it can juice your battery a bit fast, that’s why you need an extra battery to extend usage.

MyPhone a919 Duo Battery

Overall, a919 is almost perfect, I enjoy its entire feature and I haven’t yet experience problem on this phone, in short it is durable. I bought it at the price of Php 7,990 and everything is worth.

For the full specs, click here.


Wise Tips on Right and Worth of Choosing a Smartphone

Mark Lester Solis | Monday, April 08, 2013 | Best Blogger Tips

Let’s just face the facts that people of this new generation’s won’t survive if they don’t have a Smartphone, most especially for the group of teenagers. Following what’s Hot, Trending and Popular Smartphone is what they usually want. Honestly, as a teenager I don’t want to be left behind by my friends of having new gadgets, yet MONEY is still a big matter and always be the problem.

Tips on Choosing Smartphone
A lot of Smartphone are being released every month, specifically Android Phones. Most of us don’t know the right tips on choosing the best Android Smartphone, instead they just based it on the price as well as its brand name. As a geek, I didn't based it usually on its price and brand name instead I always look on its internal specs as well its build design. Yes, price and brand could be one of factors that mirror the quality of a gadget, but it is not a WISE IDEA because of there are numbers of Smartphone that is comparable with other premium phones. Their price is more than half with the premium one, yet the specs has no such big difference and the brand name is not that popular. I just want to share some wise tips on choosing a right and worth Smartphone.

Specs First!

Just like buying books, content is the king! Not the cover page. Because of the dazzling design we usually hooked up by the interface of a Smartphone, which is our usual mistake. In choosing a Smartphone, a good research is recommended. Don’t waste your money instead, you should make sure that the money that we invest for that phone would guarantee us to feel that it is worth. It is not easy to study the specs if you are not engaged with gadgets, yet that is not the reason. Google is always there to answer your query for you to not get disappoint in the end.

Ignore the Brand Name

Admit it that we usually ask our friends first, if what was the brand of his/her new gadget. If it is Apple, Samsung, Nokia etc. their first action were they feel amazed and jealous because their term for this was “branded” while on the other phase, if you have a new phone which you bought it  locally with an unknown brand, they would just react “ah! Ok” and I had experienced that already and might you as well. Guys, this is a bad scenario and we should not act like this. Most of the time, the unknown brands are better than with the famous one. So don’t be afraid to try on buying gadgets which is not that too popular. I am not saying that don’t buy a branded, it is more on patronizing your local products and not easily to come up with colonial mentality.

Price should be Right

Most of the powerful Smartphones has hefty price tags. Be practical, if you can’t afford or the price of your dream Smartphone is not enough with your budget, well forget it! Use your mind, there are phones that most likely the same with the premium one but the price is affordable. That’s why we have the word “alternative” because it is not wise decision to borrow money or loan cash for you to spend big bucks for just an over priced Smartphone. 


iFive Mini 2, a 7-inch Rockchip Dual-Core Android Tablet for just Php6,999 only!

Mark Lester Solis | Sunday, April 07, 2013 | | | | Best Blogger Tips

Are you looking for a Tablet that have a stylish design with boosting internal specs yet with an affordable price? Well, I recommend the iFive Mini 2, a 7-inch quad-core Android Tablet with dual camera. Honestly, this was my first time to hear this kind of brand of Tablet and I discover it when the Facebook Page of Ainol posted a poster of IFive Mini 2. Upon research, I was amazed on how powerful this tablet is.

iFive Mini 2 is now available in Philippines!
image from: NovoTech7 Facebook Page

In terms of its Build design, this tablet has a closer look with the IPad Mini. The slim and sleek design made this tablet looks so premium and stylish. It offers 7-inch IPS Screen Display, in which if you compared it to the Retina Display of IPad it does not have big difference so you would expect a good graphics display.  What’s extraordinary with this tablet was it has iFive Skin 2.0 UI that provides a bit of metro style of interface, just like with the Windows 8 tiles.

iFive Mini 2 is powered by RK3066 dual-core processor, we all know that Rockchip has a good performance, that’s why most of Chinese brands Tablet is geared up by Rockchip processors. It runs with the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean which is perfect to combine with its advance processor. It is fueled by 1GB DDR3 RAM that will provide a good multi-tasking functionality.

In addition, It shooters has an excellent performance too! Why? Well, on its primary camera it has 5.0 megapixels and it has 2 megapixels at the front facing camera. It also provides a good battery life because it is packed by 4,200MAh that could work for a whole day of normal usage.
This tablet is now available at selected gadgets store here in Philippines (jump down for the list of selected places of availability) with the price tag of Php6,999 only! It comes with 3 colors to choose from; Dark gray, fancy, transparent.

It is available at:
  • NOVO7 Tech Branches
  • SM Gameline Branches
  • SM Gamegizmo Branches

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