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Cherry Mobile Flare and Cherry Mobile Titan New Software Update

Mark Lester Solis | Monday, November 26, 2012 | | | | Best Blogger Tips

          After the successful launching of Cherry Mobile Flare and Cherry Mobile Titan, the company will now release their first Software Update. These update will probably fix some bugs that you may experience, since the first day you purchased these handsets and also it will add some new cool features to your android phone.

Cherry Mobile Software Update for Flare and Titan

Cherry Mobile Flame SW Update includes:

• G-Sensor
• SMS - now with auto-rotate (portrait and landscape)
• FM Radio Support

Cherry Mobile Titan SW Update includes:

• It will now supports 5 multi-touch.

          Their first firmware update would definitely make the Cherry Mobile Fans surprised and excited. Based on my research through several forums and blogs about the problems that you might encounter while using flare and titan are:

          The sound is good when it is on the speaker mode but when you start to plug your earphone, the sound volume is really soft and low volume, and you cannot even adjust or tune it.

Video Calling
          When you use your camera for video calls in Tango and Yahoo the camera position is inverted but when you use Skype it works fine.

Some problems are in charging which it didn't boot up and also the touchscreen and accelerometer bugs. 

The Software Update is not yet dated, so lets just wait for their announcement on their Facebook Fanpage.


Francis Galero said...

My cherry mobile flame, 2 days old, could not display the correct battery voltagr, it can only show a single digit millivolt.

Anonymous said...

Let it be replaced. It is still under waranty.

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