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Rumor: Nokia Will Release Windows 8 Tablet on 2013

Mark Lester Solis | Thursday, December 20, 2012 | | | Best Blogger Tips

Nokia, one of the most largest mobile manufacturer has just blown out an exciting rumors which said that they are planning to produce a Nokia Windows 8 Tablet that will be revealed next year at no exact day but it would be probably on February at the MCW Events. This news becomes viral on different website, as the result there are some educational guess and concepts occurred about the specs it might be used to the humored tablet.

Rumors about the latest Nokia Windows 8 Tablet
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After the successful launching and releasing of their Nokia Lumia Windows Phones they will be trying to jump up in the field of tablet PC technology. Well, it seems that this would be the next Alas of the Nokia to grab and bring back their real position in the top ranking of Mobile Manufacturer. 

According to some reports about this humor, the Nokia's Tablet that they will going to be released comes with a stunning and sleek 10 inch screen resolution. Based on the leaked pictures, the tablet is much closely related with the Nokia Lumia smartphones because of the embossed screen and the vibrant colors it have. It is powered by Dual Core Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor and runs with their latest operating system which is their Windows 8. 

The potentials of this humored tablet is still a big question mark to us. But, one thing for sure here is it would be patronized by their subscribers because of the fact that the Nokia Era is still on going and kicking. Let's just wait for the day it will be announce so we could formulate the strength of their upcoming tablet that will probably to the tablet of other company. 


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